120.33039 - Centric Brake Rotors - Premium

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Part #: 120.33039
Notes: Premium Brake Rotor
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Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
1992 - 1994 100 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
1996 - 2004 A4 ALL L4 1.8 T ALL ALL Thru 7/04 Production Date; 1.8L Sedan, From Chassis# 8E-3-235 001 Thru Chassis# 8E-5-060 000; 1.8L Convertible From Chassis# 8E-3-017 416 Thru Chassis# 8E-5-006 500
1996 - 2004 A4 QUATTRO ALL L4 1.8 T ALL ALL Thru 7/04 Production Date; From Chassis# 8E-3-235 001 Thru Chassis# 8E-5-060 000; Thru Chassis# 8E-3-235 000
1995 - 2001 A6 ALL ALL ALL ALL AFC ALL 15" Wheels; Thru Chassis# 4B-X-130 000; From Chassis# 4B-X-130 001; Std Susp
1995 - 2001 A6 QUATTRO ALL V6 2.8 ALL AFC
ALL 15" Wheel; Thru Chassis# 4B-X-130 000; From Chassis# 4B-X-130 001
Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
1998 - 2005 PASSAT ALL L4
ALL ALL ALL ALL From 12/98 Production Date; From Chassis# 3B-X-491 581 Thru 3B-X-491 580; AWD; FWD

Product Description

Centric Premium Rotors are blank, 1-piece, direct replacement discs for your factory brake system. These “black” rotors feature a special anti-corrosion e-coating that gives them their distinctive look and name, and are manufactured under QS and ISO quality system standards. StopTech Premium Rotors are particularly desirable in fleet or emergency vehicle applications when an upgrade to Power Slot or SportStop performance replacement rotors is not possible.

Like many StopTech, Power Slot and SportStop rotors, Centric Premium Rotors offer several key advantages over stock rotors, E-coating, Double Disc Ground, Machined Finishes, Split Castings and Mill Balancing are just some of the processes we use.

E-Coat Finish
Centric premium rotors utilize an electrocoating finish that provides long lasting corrosion protection. E-coating is a superior electro-statically applied finish designed to withstand 400 hours of salt water exposure without rusting. Finishes used by other manufacturers provide only minimal protection from the elements and are generally only effective for the shipping and storage portion of a rotor’s life. The addition of heat and moisture eliminates the effectiveness of many of those finishes resulting in immediate corrosion once installed in the vehicle.

Double Disc Ground Braking Surface
Nearly all Centric premium rotors feature a double disc ground, taper free finish. Double disc grinding ensures parallelism, eliminates run out and provides near perfect disc thickness variation (DTV). Double disc grinding leaves a non-directional finish on the friction surface area for more effective pad-rotor break in. This special finish also provides quieter and smoother stops.

Fully Machined Hats Centric
Premium rotors feature 100 percent fully machined finishes including rotor hats. This extra process provides better rotor balance and creates a cleaner, more finished looking component.

Center Split Casting
The profile of the rotor’s cooling vane affects its ability to dissipate heat. Ideally the vane should have the same thickness at the points where it connects to the inner and outer friction plates. This is accomplished with center-split core castings that provide proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency. This thickness symmetry in the vane promotes the uniform transfer of heat from both friction plates into the cooling vanes. Competitors’ vanes are often asymmetrical, which can lead to uneven heat transfer and compromises in performance and cooling.