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Brand: DiabloSport | Category: Mass Air Systems
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
F7324 MAFia
MAF Interface, For installing 05-06 MAF on 96-04 Vehicles
F7370 MAFia
MAF Interface Adapter, For Ford 2005-Present
F7373 MAFia
MAF Interface Adapter, For Ford 1996-2004

Product Description

The DiabloSport MAFia provides real world plug and play control of your vehicles “Mass Air Meter” (MAF). MAFia allows you to precisely control and regulate MAF sensor voltage eliminating the need for prefabricated custom MAF Sensors.

The DiabloSport MAFia interface and connector accessories are available for any MAF upgrade, relocation, or wiring loom repairs.


  • Featuring eight custom settings for all hoursepower ranges, from street car calibrations to 800 plus horsepower race cars.
  • The MAFia is supported by several tuning software programs such as the CMR custom tuning system.
  • 12” or 24” extension plus Extender and Connector accessories help relocate MAF or replace older less efficient MAF sensors.